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Kids love it!

I always put Grand Pré milk & Chokéo in the kid's lunch box…they just love the taste

Valérie, St-Basile-le-Grand

Everyday Milk

It’s my everyday milk; it’s convenient, plus I never run out of milk! I use Grand Pré 10% to my potages and sauces to give it an extra richness

Odette, Ste-Claire

Never leave without it

I never leave for a hunting trip without my Grand Pré milk or cream

Pierre, Québec

Great for a trip

We I travel to the Carrabean, I always make sure I have a few packs of Grand Pré milk in my luggage. That way, no matter where I go, I am sure to have fresh great tasting milk any time

Marie, Terrebonne

Ready for camping !

Grand Pré, is my camping solution; no need for refrigeration until opening, that’s convenient for me

Rachel, Rosemère

Always Fresh!

I always keep 3 packs of Grand Pré milk in my pantry; that way I never run out of milk. It’s a very convenient product, ideal for everyday use and for cooking

Denise, Anjou